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Acupuncture:  A balanced flow of energy through the body is a sign of good health.  An abnormal flow of energy, or Qi (pronounced “chee”), can result in disease.  Each internal organ, as well as muscles and ligaments, can be accessed via acupuncture points which can bring the flow of Qi into harmony.  Restoring balance will enable your body to heal itself and maintain good health.

Reiki & Light Body:  Every body has an energy field that is influenced by experiences in life.  Some healers refer to this energy by talking about chakras, auras, or astral bodies.  Our emotions, thoughts, and perceptions are affected by the vibrations of our energy fields.  By raising the vibrations, healing can occur physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Herbal Medicine & Nutrition:

Herbs and supplements can be a powerful addition to acupuncture, yoga, or energy therapy.  They are used to strengthen, support, and nourish the body and help us to age gracefully. 

Herbs are also used to clear excess situations like colds, flu, fever, or acute painful conditions.

Equally important is the Nutritional aspect of maintaining a healthy body.  Many people are interested in losing weight in a balanced, healthy manner. 

By following a low glycemic style of eating, I finally lost the extra 20 pounds that I’ve been trying to lose for years and have been able to keep it off without denying myself a decent meal. 

This program offered by my daughter is a detailed online nutrition program teaching how to establish and maintain a healthy, balanced, low glycemic diet.  This is a four week online program that can be viewed at any time.  The program includes very high quality supplements, meal replacements, and a wealth of information.

Please visit this link to learn more:             

Yoga: Yoga is an ancient system of basic stretches and  strengthening movements designed to create a strong and flexible body inside and out.  The mind and emotions become more balanced as well.  Strength ,flexibility, and peace of mind are developed by a regular yoga practice. 

Yoga can be used as a physical therapy alternative or can be practiced on a regular basis in order to maintain good health.  Anybody of any age or ability can practice yoga and can receive countless benefits.  You are never too old, weak, or out of shape to do yoga and you don’t need any expensive equipment to get started.

I recommend that people try several different

yoga styles & instructors to determine the best type of yoga and teacher for your personality and particular situation.   

Once a new yoga student understands the basic postures, a consistent home practice will be much more rewarding.

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